To make the camp a fantastic experience, it is not enough to have nice weather and midnight sun. We also need a lot of exciting activities, great food, a functional campsite etc. This is where you come into the picture as a vital puzzle piece.

This wouldn’t be a Totally Wild Jamboree without heroes! Therefore, during the jamboree our crew will be called ‘helt’, the Norwegian word for hero. Also, those who participate at the construction camp, both before and after the jamboree will be called ‘arbeidshelt’, which translates to ‘work hero‘.

We hope everyone knows what department they will be part of, and that they have been in touch about their tasks at the camp and any other information required. If not you can find contact addresses at If you have not been assigned a department yet, please contact the Administration Department at, so that we can figure out where to place you.

Kick-Off and Closing Party

Some of you are already in Bodø, and more and more will arrive in the next few days. Whather you have just arrived or have already been here for a while, everyone is welcome to the staff kick-off at 21:00 on 30 June. On the Friday (and Saturday) we have also set aside some time for a short staff briefing that it is important that everyone shows up to.

After the camp is over, on the Saturday, there will be a closing party for the staff, with lots of food and fun. We know that several of you will be leaving with your groups, but we hope that as many as possible can join us!

Staff Adventure

As a staff member, you are a vital piece in the camp puzzle, and because of this we want to invite you on a staff adventure at some point during the camp! You can choose between a bus trip to Saltstraumen, a fishing trip with M/K Fram and a boat trip outside the coast of Bodø, in-between its many islands (Væran rundt). You can sign up at the Camp Office. We hope you enjoy your adventure!

Staff Products

Everyone who has ordered staff products will receive these when they check in upon arrival at Nord 2017. In addition to this, we will be selling various leftover staff products after the camp. All staff members will get a t-shirt, which they will also receive when they check in.