If you are a rover or leader and think that one week in Bodø is too little time, you are welcome to join our Construction Camp! Someone has to build, operate and take down the camp, so the campsite (Rønvikjordene) will be occupied by Scouts for a nearly a month in total. At the Construction Camp, we make sure every detail is in place before the Guides, the Scouts and their leaders arrive, and then we take it all down again when the fun is over. This is a lot of work, but also lots of fun and very social. We will be a closely tied together bunch of people, and we will be experts on how to put together a Guide and Scout camp!

The Construction Camp before Nord 2017 will begin two weeks before the camp, and after the camp, we will stay for one week. You choose when you want to come, but it is possible to arrive from 17 June, and participants must be in place no later than Monday morning 19 June to get the discount for the first week. To get the discount of the second week, you must be ready to work on Sunday 25 June the latest. Participation in the Construction Camp gives a 25% discount for each week before camp and a 50% discount for the week after camp. This means that if you spend four weeks in Bodø, you will have a free camp! We especially hope for many participants the week after the camp, because it is important that we leave the place in a good condition (a little better than we found it).

We welcome Guides and Scouts from 16 years and upwards who are motivated to work to create the World’s Northernmost Jamboree. A vocational background is nice, but not required – we welcome anyone who wants to learn something. We also welcome Guides and Scouts above 18 years who can be team leaders/patrol leaders for the teams of the Construction Camp. If you have attended similar events and/or have a vocational background, this might be something for you.

The registration for the Construction Camp will be done together with the rest of the camp registration in January 2017, but please contact us on mail@nord2017.com already now if you are interested!