There will be four different Rover hikes – from ‘Totally Sofa’ to ‘Totally Wild’. Rovers will sign up individually and be divided into patrols with other Rovers who want to go on the same hike route. The hike patrols will be published ahead of the camp, so that the patrols can coordinate who takes the various patrol equipment, like tents/tarps, gas burners, boiler etc., that is needed. Some hike routes have an upper limit for the number of participants, so these will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Route maps
You need to print the map in A4 format in order for the scale to be correct.
Totally Sofa Route EN
Totally Mild Route EN
Wild Route EN
Almost Totally Wild Route EN
Totally Wild Route EN

The patrol overview for the rover hike has now been sent via email. We have detected some errors in the email addresses, so if you have not received your patrol overview, you can send an email to Then we will send you the patrol overview.

Each patrol has a patrol number, and this will be used to identify the different patrols. The patrol number consists of four digits and is found in the title of the patrol overview and in front of all names. This number contains some information, as described here:

The first digit, the hike number, says which hike the patrol will be doing:

1 = Totally Sofa
2 = Totally Mild
3 = Wild
4 = Totally Wild
5 = Almost Totally Wild

The second digit, the batch number, says which day the patrol will do the hike:

1 = Monday–Tuesday
2 = Tuesday–Wednesday
3 = Wednesday–Thursday

The last two digits, the identification numbers, are for all hike patrols to have their own four-digit patrol number. When you are sending an email to, it is useful if you quote your patrol number.

There were many rovers who signed up for the rover hike, and this made us very pleased. Unfortunately, the large number of participants has given us some challenges, especially given the limited capacity of some of the hike routes. This applies especially to ‘Wild’ and ‘Totally Wild’. Therefore, some of you did not have your first choice, unfortunately.

In order for as many rovers as possible to have the opportunity to experience the wild nature of Northern Norway, we have created a new hike route, ‘Almost Totally Wild’, which follows parts of the same hike route as ‘Totally Wild’ but does not contain abseiling. There are still a few places available, so if you would rather like to go this route than ‘Totally Sofa’ or ‘Totally Mild’, we will sign you up on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone who is going to Nord 2017 in Bodø this summer and hope you are ready for a Totally Wild camp in the midnight sun. More information will come and should you have any questions, just send an email to

Totally Sofa
This is a hike suitable for those who want to go for a short walk and get a little bit away from hustle and bustle of camp life without having to wear yourself out going far or up steep slopes. Here, everything is arranged so that you can do this route even though you don’t start walking until after lunch. Perhaps you will find a beach along the way where you want to stop a few hours to swim or sunbathe, or maybe you make a little detour because you want to go somewhere you have heard about? The choice is yours.

Totally Mild
This is a hike for those who want the feeling of being in the mountains without having to ascend too many meters. Close by the camp, there is a nice walking area with good views of Bodø and the campsite where one gets the feeling of the mountains without the climbing. The trails in the area are very good, and in some places there are even stairs made of stone steps to make it easier (made by Sherpas from Nepal!). In addition to good trails there is good 4G coverage throughout, so here is the perfect place to add great pictures directly on Instagram and Snapchat while on a hike.

This is a hike out of the ordinary. Nordland and especially Fauske is known for its numerous and large caves, and this hike route takes place both inside and outside some of these. Being inside a cave is a unique and different experience. Here it is dark all day (as opposed to outside, where the midnight sun shines) and cool, even if it’s a hot summer day outside. The tour inside the caves will range from large halls to tight passages, so this is not a hike for those with claustrophobia or fear of the dark. Beyond usual hiking equipment, the trip requires that you bring a headtorch and warm clothes.

Totally Wild
This is the hike for those who want to make the most of the wild nature and mountains Northern Norway has to offer, and also earn bragging rights for a campfire chat. A trip like this is something quite different from a summit walk in Southern Norway, where one starts on the mountain and goes up to a peak. On this route you will be starting from sea level and hike up to a ridge with several peaks over 1,000 meters. The hike is occasionally very airy, and there is an abseiling stage where the ridge ends. For this route, you should have tried abseiling before, so that this is not the first time you try it