Have you stayed up all night at camp before? You will get the chance to do that at Nord 2017 as well. Maybe you just want to sleep all day? It’s up to you. Whatever you choose, welcome to the Døgnvill Rover Camp!

There will be activities such as a rover cafe with entertainment and campfires. There will of course also be an overnight hike for the rovers. What and where is yet to be decided, but there will be something to suit everyone.

In the Rover camp everything will be a bit more relaxed. You’ll decide for yourself when to go to sleep and when to get up. In general you will have more freedom to do what you want. Rovers will also be able to exit and enter the Nord 2017 site more freely than the Scouts.

Practical information
Rovers staying in the rover camp will be able to eat in the staff canteen. Over the course of the week, they will work three shifts as staff. They will choose when they sign up for the camp which department they would like to do these shifts in (those who sign up first will get first choice of department).

Rovers participating as full-time staff and as members of a group will be able to stay in the Rover camp and participate in some activities. Please note that Rovers staying in the rover camp must be born in 2001 or earlier. Like the rest of the national jamboree, the rover camp will be strictly no alcohol allowed.

The programme in the Rover camp will follow the day’s theme. There will be varied tasks where you get to test yourself both day and night, with different themes each day, used as inspiration for the activities. For the rovers, there will be various activities at all times of the day, and it is up to you what you decide to participate in! Feel free to bring costumes related to the themes and come join the fun in the Døgnvill camp. You will need a hero outfit, a Wild West-inspired outfit and clothes for speed and excitement. In addition to this we will be swapping day and night around one day, and you get to immerse yourself in a horror movie. So the themes will be hero day, sleeping pattern gone wild, lost in the wild, wild game and the Wild West. On the market day on Friday, the Rovers don’t have their own theme, and instead get to participate in the activities happening around the camp.

Some activities are organised as drop-in activities, where you can just show up, while you need to sign up for others. Signup will be happening in the rover camp’s lighthouse (LOS station), and there you will find info boards and signup lists. Most activities will be carried out in groups, but it is also possible to do several of them on your own. More information about this will appear on the lighthouse info boards, so it is important to keep an eye on those! Remember to keep in mind when you are signed up to other things, like hike and«Roverhjelp» (Rover Help), before you register.

There will be various things happening in the Døgnchill Rover Café every night, so pay attention! Suddenly you might hear about something extra wild because you were in the right place (the cafe) at the right time. Maybe something will happen that hadn’t been announced in advance? Who knows what might happen at a camp with no sense of time?

Some of the activities available for Rovers are

– «Hero Run» – be the camp’s great hero for a day!
– Scavenger Hunt Bodø – get to know the town of Bodø!
– No sense of time? Testing the brain after a long day at camp
– Soapbox car building and race
– Volleyball tournament
– Wild Game night manoeuvre – perhaps the camp’s scariest activity?
– Wild West drop-in activities – be in control of your own day by stumbling into the activities you want to try!
– Concerts in the Døgnchill Rover Café
– Evening entertainment and quizzes in the rover tavern
– Sailing in the midnight sun

We can guarantee that you get to test your limits, both for sleep and experiences. Charge your batteries, because in the Døgnvill Rover Camp you will completely lose track of time!

Talent show
We welcome talents of all shapes and sizes to a totally wild talent show in the Døgnchill Rover Café! Here, the sky is the limit, so don’t be shy! Whether you want to participate with a game, a comedy sketch or something completely different, everything is welcome! We want you, so go ahead and sign up at the lighthouse or in the rover café!