There are three types of preparation activities that we encourage you to engage with before you come to Nord 2017 – one individual activity for all the participants at the camp, a two-part activity for each patrol and two activities that the troop should do together. One of the most important aspects of these activities is that they make the camp more fun for everyone!

Individual Activity:
Create a totally wild personalised sleeping mask, because in Bodø, there will be midnight sun during the camp week! If you have a sleeping mask, it may be easier to sleep when it is bright outside your tent. The mask can be in any color that you want, and it should be so solid that it can be used during the entire camp.

Why not spend a few patrol meetings this winter on making sleeping masks? Perhaps the masks could reflect your patrol name or some local feature from your country or hometown?

Patrol Activity:
Part 1: Preparing for the hike: The patrols should plan and conduct a patrol hike without leaders at home. After the patrol hike, you should discuss what was good about the hike and what you can do better or differently the next time. This will give you training before the hike on the camp, and it will make it easier to do part 2 of the patrol activity.

Part 2: Plan or select a pre-planned hiking route for the overnight hike: The patrol should discuss which kind of hiking route you want on Nord 2017: What should the walking distance be, what kind of terrain do you want to experience, and what will you do on your way?

Troop Activity 1:
The troop should plan a Totally Wild troop area that you will build when you arrive in Bodø – you could think of a portal, some special and fancy features and how to sleep. We also encourage you to have recycling and the environment in mind when planning. Make it open and inclusive and maybe with a little homemade touch?

Troop Activity 2:
The troop should prepare a Totally Wild activity for the Market Day on the Jamboree. Do you or your patrol have ideas for something to do on the Market Day, or what your troop area might look like? Tell it to your leader!

We also encourage all Guides and Scouts to be prepared by completing a first aid badge or similar that you have in your programme.