The highlight of any Norwegian scout camp is the patrol hike, where the Scouts are away from the campsite for at least 18 hours without adult leaders – managing on their own, looking after each other and experiencing new challenges. You will sleep outdoors, in a bivouac or just under the midnight sun.

At Nord 2017, this will be a rare chance for international scouts to experience the beautiful landscape of Northern Norway.

Patrols who are not used to long hikes can choose an easy route, whereas experienced hikers can choose a more challenging route.

If your Scouts/Guides have any restrictions on how high above sea level they are allowed to hike, please let us know so we can find a suitable hike route for you.

Start and end points

Start and end points for hikes. Click on the map to see a larger version

Northern Norwegian nature is exciting, and so will the overnight hike at Nord 2017 be!

The overnight hike will be carried out in patrols, and it is important to prepare well for it in advance. The patrols have two options for the hike: They can either create their own hiking route (‘Totally Yours’) or choose a level of difficulty and get assigned a pre-planned route. For ‘Totally Yours’, the hiking committee has provided various transport hubs as potential start and end points. Between these points there are endless possible route options for the patrol.

The pre-planned hiking routes at Nord 2017 are divided into five different difficulty levels, from Totally Mild to Totally Wild, rated from 1 to 5. Theses are described in more detail in the route categorisation document below.

We have also posted some information that it is important for the Troop Leader to read, and we have posted a description of how to plan the hike yourself or choose a pre-planned route, which you can find in the document about preparation activities below. You will also find the map resources you will be using to plan your overnight hike below.

Preparation activities for the patrol – planning the overnight hike at Nord 2017
Totally Yours – information for the Troop Leader
Categorisation of the pre-planned hiking routes at Nord 2017
Map tool for planning of your overnight hike

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