All activities, including the overnight hike, will be done in patrols. The patrols will choose which activities they would like to do, and which hike they would like to take part in.

Day activities
The daytime activities make up most of the programme at the jamboree. For these, each patrol chooses between the levels ‘Pretty Mild’, ‘Wild’ and ‘Totally Wild’. What the appropriate level is for the patrol depends on the age and experience of its members, and perhaps how long they have worked together as a patrol.

Below is a taste of what the activities at each level will look like. The patrol will get to try several activities at each level.

Pretty Mild:
These activities are primarily directed at scouts aged 10 to 13, or who don’t have a lot of Guiding/Scouting experience. Here, they get to try both new and old methods for making equipment that can be used for camps and other activities. They will get some challenges, but it will not be too wild or difficult.

Examples of activities:
– making friendship bracelets, possibly of the glow-in-the-dark variety (we know it’s not going to be dark, but it will be in other parts of the world)
– making a bow and arrow
– life on the shoreline
– making a Morse code blinker and learn the Morse alphabet
– baking
– making a windmill
– felting
– fishing on the shoreline
– pioneering a structure
– design a t-shirt
– making jewellery
– breeze – sea related activities with the ‘Vannvittig’ (Sea Scout) group

These activities are appropriate for scouts aged 10 to 16, who have some experience with scout activities. Here you will find everything from crafts to electricity. Some activities will be somewhat challenging. You will need patience and be ready to try and fail a few times.

Examples of activities:
– cooking
– theatre sports
– first aid
– learning a complicated knot
– the candy badge
– distilling seawater
– diverse scouting – what are your values?

Totally Wild:
These activities are appropriate for scouts aged 13 to 16, who have a lot of experience and have tried a lot of things before. Some of the activities require a great deal of concentration. It is also important that the scouts are able to look after both the members of their patrol and themselves.

Examples of activities:
– electrical maze
– fire protection
– building a catapult and have a shooting competition
– building a longbow
– learning about hydropower
– building rafts
– casting with tin
– obstacle course
– leatherworking, making your own wallet etc.

Midnight activity
At Nord 2017 there will be familiar camp activities, but also something different. In addition to day activities, there will be midnight activities in the midnight sun! All scouts will be able to take part in one midnight activity, with time to rest the following day.

Market day
One of the days at the jamboree will be a market day, where each group organises an activity or performance, which they notify the jamboree about in advance. Be creative, there will be prizes for the best contributions. The Guides/Scouts will be given ‘camp money’, which they can use to take part in the market day activities.

Overnight hike
The patrols will be able to choose between four different difficulty levels. All the hikes will be overnight hikes, which will give the patrols the opportunity to experience the nature of the north of Norway. Some will be close to camp, while others will be within an hour’s driving distance. If your scouting association has special rules regarding hikes (for example maximum altitudes), please contact us so we can plan a suitable route for you.

Culture in the square
In the square in the middle of the jamboree there will be cafes, shops and drop-in activities, as well as a small stage with big and small events and entertainment. Maybe someone would like to get up on stage?

And a lot more…
More information about activities will follow. The programme team can among other things promise a patrol leader gathering, a crazy obstacle course and high ropes park, and opportunities to get acquainted with rainbow scouting.