Information about the market day

One string and ten pearls for each scout. If you want to raise the value of the wooden pearls, you can colour them. 

The activities will be at the group areas/LOS-point. Make sure the scouts walk around to look at the different activities. We want to create a lot of life at the camp. The main square will operate as normal. 

Time schedule
12.00 It will be a baptisme with King Neptun by the main stage at 12.00 Friday. Everyone who has never been north of the polar circle before are welcome to the traditional baptisme. It is a drop in activitiy and you’ll get a diploma. It will last from 12-13.00. The baptisme wouldn’t take to long, so just drop in, be baptismed and get a diploma. All ages and handicaps are welcomed!

Kl 12.30-17.00 market day

Kl 15.30: Quidditch match – It will as well be at the main stag. We need four teams, the amount of scouts is no problem! 

Kl 16.30 Final


Invitation to PeffTREFF

Dear troop leader

Nord2017 are happy to invite all of camps patrol leaders and assistance on PeffTREFF thursday 6th june. Pefftreffet is localized outside of the camp are and the meeting point for departure is in Junkerveien where you met for the hike. The time you’ll find the list at the LOS-station you belong to. It is important that the patrol leaders and assistance meet a t least 15 minutes before departuretime.

This years PeffTreff will be both indoors and outdoors, both mingling and relaxation. It will be recommended to bring outerwear and water bottle.

Enjoy! Program office

PS:Contact program office if their is patrols that are non-existing or merged with another patrol at the camp so that other can send their patrol leaders and assistance which are not patrol leaders and assistance at the camp.




Til Los – Værøy

Til Los – Tranøy

Til Los – Skomvær

Til Los – Henningsvær

Til Los – Glåpen

Til Los – Flatøy

Updated information about the sessions

The pictures below show when the sessions are conducted and where they are arranged. The area colors refer to the campmap handed out at check-in. “Losene” has / will distribute information about each session and an Equipments list showing what the patrols may need to bring.