Bus or car
When driving north to Bodø, you can either drive on E6, the main road through Norway, or Kystriksveien (rv. 17), a beautiful route that gives you the opportunity to see more of Northern Norway. By setting aside time to stop a few times and have some overnight stays along the way, the journey can become part of an extended jamboree. We will update closer to the camp with suggestions for stops along the way! We assume that most people have already booked their bus journey, if applicable, but just in case, here is the contact information for the companies the National Scout Jamboree has been in touch with:

HMK: hmk@hmk.no or phone +47 22 78 94 00
Unibuss: jane.carlsson@unibuss.no
Tide: tor.arne.ronningen@tide.no or phone +47 05505

Each individual group/scout district should contact these directly to get an offer/organise their journey. We encourage groups travelling form the same area to travel together to fill up the buses/coaches. Also note that there are some available seats on buses posted on Nord 2017’s travel market.

Accommodation on the way to Nord
The camp will organise basic accommodation along the way, for example in school gyms or classrooms, that can be used by everyone travelling by road, wither by bus or car. 

Let Nord 2017 use your bus?
If you are travelling to and from Bodø by bus/coach, and your bus will be parked by the campsite all week, we ask you to consider allowing us to use the bus and driver during the camp. We will pay for this. If this is an option, please contact us at admin@nord2017.no.


The National Scout Jamboree starts properly already in the middle of June, when the armada of sea scouts starts heading north. Please contact Bjørn Einar Jensen for more information about this.

At the moment, the armada’s travel route looks like this:
16.06.2017: Sandnes
17.06.2017: Bergen
18.06.2017: Feste/Alværstr., Florø
19.06.2017: Florø, Stad
20.06.2017: Fosnavåg, Runde, Harøya/Myklebust
21.06.2017: Myklebust, Kristiansund
22.06.2017: Kristiansund, Sandsted/Hitra
23.06.2017: Hitra, Osen/Sandviksberget
24.06.2017: Osen, Rørvik
25.06.2017: Rørvik, Brønnøysund
26.06.2017: Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen
27.06.2017: Sandnessjøen, Gjærøya
28.06.2017: Svartisen, Gjærøya
29.06.2017: Gjærøya, Sør-Arnøy
30.06.2017: Sør-Arnøy, Bodø

If you have the time and opportunity, going by Hurtigruten (a cruise going all the way along the coast from Bergen to Bodø) is a wonderful experience. It is possible to board in a range of places, from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the North. More information about what is known as the most beautiful journey by sea in the world can be found on the Hurtigruten website.