Flights to Norway
In order to fly to Bodø from abroad, you will need to transit through Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim or Tromsø.

The two main Norwegian airlines are called Norwegian and SAS. They have flights from many airports abroad. There are also a range of other international airlines which fly to Norway.

The flight from the main Oslo airport, Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. Another possibility is a direct flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Bodø with SAS.

Flights into Norway cannot be booked through the Jamboree, so they must be organised by the international groups themselves.

All travellers will need a valid passport to get into Norway. To see if a VISA is needed, see «VISAs».

Domestic flights to and from Bodø
We have partnered with an air broker to ensure that we get enough tickets for everybody who is going to the camp. Those who have booked these tickets should now have received information about departure and arrival times and received their bills. We are sorry that this process turned out to be longer and more complicated than expected, and we thank you for your patience – especially all the people who have agreed to change their flights when we have asked them to!

Because of this situation we have decided that people will pay no additional fees for changes made up to 14 May. All changes made after this date will result in a surcharge of 250 NOK. It is up to the air broker to decide what changes can be made. Booked tickets are non-refundable.

The deadline for making any changes to the bookings was 15 June.

If you missed out on the chartered flights, the other option (which is of course still open) is to buy tickets on the open market. You should be quick however, because many of the flights are beginning to fill up, and the prices are rising by the day.

We want to specify that the following information only applies to those who have booked their tickets through Aircontact, the camps’s air broker. If nothing else is specified, this applies whether Aircontact have placed you on a chartered or a scheduled flight.

Chartered Flights
Some aircraft will have a stop or two to pick up passengers, but most of them will fly directly to Bodø. Either way, everybody will go straight to Bodø from a Norwegian airport without having to exit or change planes on the way. Stops without leaving the aircraft might be necessary, though, because the aircraft have to be full.

Air fares on chartered flights
The price per person will be the same for everyone flying from the same region, whether they end up flying with scheduled or chartered flights. The flight price is 1650 NOK one way from Eastern/South-Eastern Norway (Oslo area) and 2000 NOK one way from Southern/Western/North-Western Norway, and the same for the return.

ID on flights

Everyone must remember to bring their passport and make sure to keep it somewhere safe while you are travelling.

Packing and luggage rules
Each person will be able to bring one piece of checked luggage weighing a maximum of 20 kg. The carry-on allowance is 8 kg per person. The hand luggage must be no bigger than 55 x 20 x 40 cm. You can also bring a handbag, a small computer bag or a similar item. Additionally, each group will get 3 kg extra per person for their equipment on the chartered flights. This should be collected in luggage items of maximum 20 kg. This means that a group of 10 Scouts/Guides may bring a total of 30 kg extra luggage, divided into two luggage items. Please note: Those who are travelling with SAS flights booked through the air broker have received an email detailing what luggage rules apply on these flights.

When packing your backpack/bag, make sure to make it as compact as possible. By this we mean that you should avoid having loose straps or other equipment hanging on the outside of your bag. These things have a tendency to get stuck when the bag is sent through the airport’s luggage system, and you can risk your bag or some of your equipment breaking during on the way. Widerøe’s airplanes are not very big, so too much luggage might become an issue.

When you are travelling by plane, there are also limitations to what you can bring onto your flight in your hand luggage. Some things are also forbidden to bring in your checked luggage. The rules for this are the same for all European airlines. You can find information about this on Avinor’s website, you can find a direct link to luggage rules here.

It is important to note that power banks must be kept in your hand luggage and that hoverboards, one wheel scooters and similar modes of transportation are not permitted on flights.

Please arrive at the airport at least 1.5 hours before departure. This is to ensure that everyone has time to get through security in time. Each group is responsible for making sure their own scouts get to the plane before departure. The travel leader goes up to the check-in counter, and all the Scouts check in at the counter by name (there will be lists of names at the counter). Here, you get your boarding passes and deliver the checked luggage. After this, you go through security and to the gate your flight is leaving from.

Upon arrival in Bodø, the Scouts/Guides just walk straight out from the terminal building to the marked meeting point for walk to the campsite together. The walk will take around 45–50 minutes. Checked luggage will be loaded on trucks and taken to the campsite.

For departure from Bodø, all charter flight boarding passes and luggage tags will be printed in advance and handed out during the camp. As a result, all luggage will be correctly labelled and the passengers will get their boarding passes before getting to Bodø Airport. This is to avoid long lines and blocking of exits in the airport area, and so that the groups can go straight to security when they arrive. When receiving the charter flight boarding passes and luggage tags, the Scout leader will also get information about how and when to deliver the luggage (at the campsite). The luggage will be transported to the airport and checked in there. You will then be able to collect it at your arrival airport.

Scouts/Guides will be walking to the airport, and have to make sure to be there 1.5 hours before departure. They will then go directly to security and the gate they are leaving from.

There will be a Nord 2017 stand at the airport – both for information upon arrival and for as a place where you can, upon departure, hand in objects that cannot be brought through security. These will be labelled with name tags, so that it is possible to get them sent to you after the camp.