Information about departure

An office in first floor in the barn will be kept open friday 14.00-18.00 to answer questions regarding departure if you can’t find the information here. It may also be quicker to check with you LOS first.

General information:

  • Make sure to explain which items (knives, bottles etc) should not be carried aboard the plane. Thiswill make security check run smoother at the airport
  • Remember that rovers are also a part of your travel group. Contact them as soon as possible about this.
  • We remind you about limitations on luggage both on charter flights (20 kg) and commercial airlines (depending on which airline). This is important, since to heavy luggage might not be taken onboard.
  • All luggage should be delivered at the sidewalk along Junkerveien, north of the campsite. Your group needs to deliver luggage together.
  • Luggage delivered in the wrong place or after the indicated time can not be guaranteed to be delivered. This will be sent but at the cost of the owner.
  • There will be signs showing where to leave luggage. The attached list of departures shows when to leave luggage and when to be at the airport or train station.


Charter flights:

  • Groups will recieve their luggage tags and boarding cards from LOS on friday.
  • Make sure all boarding cards and luggage tags are correct as soon as possible.
  • We recommend that you do not hand out boarding cards to the scouts/guides before you are at the airport.
  • Luggage tags should be placed in the front of the backpack like in the picture. Place the two small extra tags on the bag/backpack in case the original tag disappears.
  • Luggage will be checked in by camp staff. You will not be able to get you luggage when it has been delivered.
  • Baggage tags are limited to one pr person. It is possible to bring tents (without poles) as carry-on luggage. This is only intended for bringing tents that can not be transported otherwise.


Commercial airlines:

  • Luggage will be transported to all flights on saturday and sunday, but not before or after this.
  • Everything works as a normal flight, except we transport your luggage to the airport.
  • You will pick up your luggage outside the terminal at the airport and check in as usual.
  • Be at the airport 1,5 hours before your flight



  • Luggage should be delivered according to the attached plan.
  • The group will walk to the train station



Make the journey a part of the Jamboree experience!

We encourage everyone to make the journey an experience for the scouts, and to make stops along the way to see more of Norway on your way to and from the camp. For example you could fly to Bodø, but on the return journey take the train or bus to Oslo with stops along the way, and then fly home. Or even better: You could transit through another town/city on your way home, like Trondheim, Tromsø or Bergen and spend one or more days there.

You might want to plan your travel and stay together with a friendship group, either through an already established friendship or a new one that is formed in the preparations to Nord 2016. Please refer to ‘Friendship Groups’ under ‘Practical Information’ for more information about this.

Many people have chosen to use the various forms of transport provided by Nord, others have organised their own journeys. With regards to the transport organised by us, it is worth mentioning that the money does not go to the Norwegian Guide and Scout Association, but directly to NSB (the train provider), bus companies and the air broker.

Flying with the air broker Aircontact
The flight puzzle is now as good as solved, and almost everyone has received their bills. We apologise for this process turned out to be longer and more complicated than expected, and we thank you for your patience – especially all the people who have agreed to change their flights when we have asked!

Because of this situation we have decided that people will pay no additional fees for changes made up to 14 May. All changes made after this date will result in a surcharge of 250 NOK. It is up to the air broker to decide what changes can be made. Booked tickets are non-refundable.

ID on flights

Everyone must remember to bring their passport and make sure to keep it somewhere safe while you are travelling.

Spare seats and Travel Market

Do you have a spare seat in your car? Does your group have a half full bus? Do you have train or flight tickets that you for some reason are unable to use? Have a look at the Nord 2017 Travel Market.

Local buses in Bodø
Everyone under 16 years can use local buses for free during the camp. This applies to zone 1, stretching from Tverlandet to Festvåg.