The Jamboree in Bodø is also an excellent opportunity to go on a family vacation to Northern Norway. The region has a lot to offer in terms of both nature, scenery and activities. You can find inspiration and ideas on and

Guest Camp
In the guest camp of the Jamboree, we have room for everything from tents to motorhomes and caravans. At a price per night, you will get access to both toilets and water. 

Price per area in the guest camp:
Large space: NOK 250 per night. The price is per area and includes 4 people (e.g. a tent or caravan + a car). The maximum price is NOK 1000 for a week. If you are more than 4 persons, you pay NOK 25 extra per person per day for the additional persons.

Small space: NOK 150 per day. The price includes 2 people in a tent. The maximum price is NOK 600 for a week.

Please note that as of 18 June, there are no places left with electricity.

It is not possible to have caravans or campers at the camp area for scouts. Do you live in the Scout, it is possible to store such vehicles on parking while staying in the camp. There is still place available, you can just arrive and register in the guest camp. 

You are allowed to bring dogs into the guest camp, but not the main campsite. Dogs must be on a leash. Hikers may walk with their dogs on the footpath through the campsite, but not in the rest of the camp. There will be sings up informing of this.

The Norwegian Guide and Scout Fellowship will once again offer their famous ‘tentotel’ service! Here you get a ready-made camp bed in a tent and food for a price per night. Full board (accommodation and three meals) costs NOK 430 per day. Bed and breakfast costs NOK 200 per day.

Children of Leaders
Children of Leaders (non-participant or children under the participant age) pay a participation fee of NOK 800. For children under the age of 5, there is no fee.

If traveling with children, you can also take advantage of the daycare service of the camp. This offer applies to children from age 4 and up, and they will get a taste of fun Scouting activities. This only costs NOK 200 per child for the entire camp week. Registration for this happens in the camp registration system – either in the group registration or the staff/IST registration depending on wiat role you as a perent have at Nord. We divide the children into two age groups: one for the children turning 7 or older this year, and one for the children younger than this.

The children signed up for the leader’s child activity get to participate in various scouting activities in addition to other fun and games. They get to practice using a knife and will learn basic first aid. They also get to go on their own little patrol hike (same duration as the other activities.

Every day, the children signed up for the leader’s child activity will have to bring a backpack containing

  • seating pad
  • scout knife
  • cup and spoon
  • bottle of water
  • packed lunch
  • a change of clothes
  • weather appropriate clothing

It is important to bring everything on the list, as we do not have extra of these that the children can borrow. We will refill the water bottles as needed.