Typical Norwegian camp food is sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and hot dinners such as casseroles, curry, salmon and hamburgers. You will collect water at water posts.

Food is included in the participation fee, but there will also be cafés and kiosks at the camp plaza.

When you sign up, please let us know about any special dietary needs in your group, so that we are able to cater for vegetarians, food allergics, different religious groups and so on.

Staff/IST will eat in the camp canteen.

The Food Box System
The Food Department wants the groups themselves to decide how much time they want to use for cooking during camp. Do you want the ‘Eat Fast’ food box with pre-produced fish fingers ready to put in the frying pan, or do you want fresh fish so that you can make your own fish casserole?

Each group will choose between three different boxes: Eat Fast, Eat Well and Eat Great. You are of course able to choose different types of food boxes every day. Your choice is made in the registration in January 2017.

Breakfast and lunch food will be ordered in a separate web interface and be delivered in food boxes. The boxes will be delivered at your nearest Los Station twice a day with everything you need in terms of ingredients and recipes!

The food for the overnight hike will be freezedried food of the ‘Real turmat’ type. This will not be selected in the registration because the selected menu will be replaced with hiking food automatically on the day that your group is leaving for the hike.

The camp fee covers food from lunch on Saturday 1 July to lunch on Saturday 8 July.

Extra Days
Food can also be ordered from breakfast on 29 June to breakfast on 1 July and from dinner on 8 July 8 to lunch on 10 July. The price per person for breakfast is NOK 20, lunch is NOK 20 and dinner is NOK 40 outside the camp period mentioned above. The orders for this are now closed.

It is of course optional if you want to use this extra food delivery.

An Organic Area
The campsite we borrow is used for organic farming. In practice this means that organic/green/natural soap will be a requirement at the camp when it comes to dishwashing liquid, hand soap and shampoo. Such products will be sold at the Speider-sport shop both before and during the camp.

Camp Menu
Note that there may be changes in ingredients due to circumstances outside our control.

Day 2 – SUNDAY
Day 3 – MONDAY
Day 7 – FRIDAY

Special needs
There will be options for those with allergies or special needs.