Nord 2017 will be a cashless camp. This means that all shopping will be happening using a computer chip attached to the participant wristband. The system is called Cashless, and is a well-tested system used at many of the big festivals every year. In other contexts, a card is used, but the wristbands/chips that we are using serve exactly the same purpose.

We have decided to make the camp cashless for several reasons. For you it means that your money is safer because the chip is always attached to your wrist, which stops you from losing it. It is easy it top up the chip during the week, and it is very difficult for anyone to steal it. For the camp, Cashless is very efficient because it leads to less queues, accurate prices and less cash in circulation.

The wristband with the computer chip is given to you when you arrive at the camp. You should have received your chip number in an email. This number is used to register at, where you activate the chip. Click the flag at the top to change the language and select «Registrer» (Register) in the top right corner. Create an account and go to «Mine kort» (My cards) to fill in your ID number.

Adding funds to the wristband chip can be done in several ways; you can either go to the Cashless website,, use a bank card at one of the Cashless stations in the Main Square or top it up with cash at the Camp Office, also located in the Main Square.

Should you lose your wristband, please notify the Camp Office in the Min Square so that they can cancel the chip and stop other people from using it. In this situation you will be able to buy a replacement wristband. We will then transfer any remaining money from the old chip.

Any money you have left on your chip at the end of the camp can be refunded in one of the following ways: The first option is to go to a Cashless station get a refund receipt. This will have a refund code on it, which you register at and choose which bank account you want the money sent to. (PS: The refund receipt is important, so we recommend that everyone takes a photo of the receipt, possibly sending it to someone at home.) The other option, if you forget to get a refund receipt, is to send the whole chip to Cashless. Instructions for this can be found at

The troops can buy an extra chip to use for communal shopping, both in Speider-sport and the other shops in the Main Square. Extra chips cost 50 NOK and can be bought from the Camp Office in the Main Square.

If you have any problems or questions about the technical aspects of Cashless, please contact them here: