At the jamboree there will be cafes for scouts, leaders and rovers, shops selling equipment and souvenirs, and kiosks where you can buy soft drinks and snacks.

The camp plaza will be the main meeting place at Nord. Here you will find a coffee shop, confectionery, burger place, rainbow café, Speider-Sport (the Norwegian scout shop), cotton candy, popcorn and much more. At the plaza you can also visit the Scout Museum and the camp’s own library, and participate in a wide range of fun activities. There will also be a stage with lots of great live entertainment.

There is still room for more shops and cafés

Much is already in place, but we still have room for more shops. The shops will be in Tentipis or other fun structures you want to build at the camp plaza. Purchases will be made through the supply department, who will work to organise coordinated payment solutions and other infrastructure for the shops and cafés. Those who are working for personal profit must take responsibility for the risks and costs of their own project. Those who do not want any economic risks, can do non-profit sales for the camp at no personal risk. Does this sound like an exciting project for your group? Fill in this application form or contact supply leader Erik Bodahl-Johansen at or phone +47 924 28 431.