The town of Bodø is situated north of the Arctic Circle, where the sun does not set during summer. The campsite is within walking distance from the forest, the mountains, the airport, train and bus stations, the port, and an aqua park.

The campsite
The fields where the camp is situated is located right outside the centre of Bodø, 3 km from Bodø Harbour, where the sea scout ships will be, and 3 km form the airport. We have a wide range of buildings in the area at our disposal, including buildings for the Nord administration, staff and first aid. The area is very suitable for a large camp.

The main area, which consists of the camping area for the scouts, the camp plaza and the rover camp, is about 800 metres long and 470 metres wide at its widest. There is also a large additional area for the guest camp, staff/IST camp, activity area and parking, which is 490 metres long and 580 metres wide, situated in a well-drained area. This gives us unlimited space – enough to fit all 19 090 scouts who were at the Norwegian National Jamboree in Skaugum in 1989.

The plan is for each group to get 100 m² + 15 m² per scout. If you want any extra space to build something totally wild in your group camp, please let us know and we will sort it out. You will be allowed to make firest and dig pits for natural waste in your camp.

Will there be festival toilets or WCs?
Both, we are planning on having about 150 water closets on the campsite and about 60 festival toilets for patrol hikes, activity areas and as backups.

Will there be enough pioneering poles?
With 16 000-20 000 pioneering poles, we are ready to build! The poles will cost 25 NOK each. We will try to get them as regular as possible in size and dimensions.

What if it rains?
We will use woodchips instead of bark if there is a lot of rain and a danger of mud.

On organic grounds
Normally, the fields where the camp will be located are used for organic farming. Therefore, we are eliminating all waste in the area. In practice, this means that all products used for washing up, washing hands, brushing teeth and washing hair need to meet certain requirements. The products must be marked with Ecocert or similar organic brands, and you can find them in most grocery shops. We will also be selling these kinds of products in the camp shop.

This will be an intense camp, open 24 hours, with constant daylight, short distances, fun by the campfire and wild experiences.

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