New member and new friendship

By coincidence Bodø KFUK KFUM got a new member, and a new friendship might have started.

Friday afternoon Piers Hallihan from 1st Cowbrigde Scouts in Wales was in the camp area they share with Madla Scout Group. They were making traditional Wales cakes to sell at the market day.

Then a lady who lives across the street from the camp came over to them with two young girls. The girls are refugees from Syria and have been in Norway for 8 months. They have observed the camp and were curious about what this is, and what we do here.

The scout group from Bodø is on the other side of the camp. Piers found them on the map and took the two girls over there to see them. They met the leader of the group, Elisabeth Utz Saustad. The oldest girl immediately run over to someone she recognized from school and hugged them. She now has signed up as a new member in the group and will start there after the summer. The other girl was too young to start this year, so she will probably start later.

Piers and Elisabeth have now exchanged contact information, so they will stay in touch after the camp is over.

Text and photo: Tove Arntzen.