From Uganda with Love

Masaba Ivan Bambaga is the director of Mercy Scouts International. For a living he grows coffee, but he spends all his leisure time on Mercy.

He is travelling around the world, gathering volunteers and donations. He has been in Europe 13 times, and been to almost all the Scout Centres.

Mercy Scout International was created in 2006 by seven people who wanted to make a difference. The group is located in the eastern Uganda, and has a total of 90 Scout members.

Community projects

Their job is to save lives, empower Scouts and build communities. They do this trough activities and community projects. This includes things like getting safe and clean water for the not so privileged schools and Scouts groups. They have local help centres, and try to fight malaria by giving out free mosquito repellent. They also plant trees and support the agriculture. And they have projects aimed at empowering women.

– Our dedication is put towards uplifting and empowering young people and others in society to improve their quality of life.


Before this camp, the Scout group has been preparing for a whole year by making bracelets at their Scout meetings. It takes 35-40 minutes to make one. Here at the camp, you can buy one for 40 kroner, and the money goes to one of their projects.

You can help him and the rest of Mercy Scouts International in other ways too. You can become a partner, and give donations. You can go to Uganda yourself and volunteer. Or your group can start fundraising. This could be a cake lottery were the profit goes to Mercy Scout Internationals.

– If you decide help us in any way, we will be truly thankful.

Text: Mari Ingeborg Hope Nesse. Photo: Arild Johannessen.