Nordlandsbuss, the local bus company, is used to transporting large amounts of people, but never before have they experienced young people as tidy as the Guides and Scouts at Nord.

The company has previously, among other things, transported the World Fly Fishing Championship and Norwegian Ski Championship.

– Our drivers have been driving for a generation, and this is the first time they have experienced young people acting this exemplary. Not as much as a gum wrapper or soda bottle was left behind, Jan Erik Dahl, department leader of Nordlandsbuss’s special transport, says.

About 4000 Guides, Scouts and Rovers have been transported with the buses, some more than once.

– We had one patrol catch the wrong bus twice, so we decided it would be best to send them out on their hike from the campsite, not by bus, hike leader Are Ingulfsvann tells us.

Jan Erik Dahl form Nordlandsbuss asks N17 to rive their regards to all Guides and Scouts, and give all their praise to them. They have never transported such lovely young people before, according to him.