Eagle Club Day Care



Dome tents. The dome is a tent that can be purchased from Speider-sport. Eagle Club operates from these domes in Nord 2017

With 200 participants, it’s a tough life in the Eagle Club
The special dome tents are the place for the youngest on camp. Whether it’s whittling, playing in groups, first aid or free play.

Mats Mikkelsen (6) and Martin Loka (5) from 1. Kristiansand FSK play football around the beautiful Eagle Club flag. They do not have time to talk to N17. But Kaja Holten Hellesø (7) from 1. Stokmarknes does. She has a meal break and is willing to speak when we ask how it is to be at Eagle Club.
-I’ve learned how to make a sling and how to use a bandage.
Nistematen is eaten in the dome. For it is here that Eagle Club is located. Kaja thinks it’s great fun to be in the club. The day before, she made her own scarf with potato print. She is camping with her whole family and a cousin.

“I’ve also got to know many,” she says, smiling at someone sitting next to her who she does not know the name of. (It’s Marthe)


Popular service
Eagle Club is part of the offer for Scout Leaders. It is Irene Nymoen Marthinsen who is in charge of the club. We met with Anne Brit Egeland from the 1st Sun Scout group. She is responsible for Yellow Group, and she has given a similar service locally in the Vesterlen Circle for about 10 years. Also in Stavanger.
It is terrific that NSF does this and it is so well organized that we get rovers as helpers. And we are absolutely sure that this is a good service, “she says, indicating that with 200 enrolled, twice as many children this time as in Stavanger. In addition to giving children activities, they also talk about clothing.




Today we have been “on the hike”. Then we went for a walk and talked about “now we are going to sleep in a shelter” and “who will be well when they are going to sleep?” Then we talked about who was wearing rainwear. Everybody has rainwear with them, but not everyone is wearing it.

The domes are located near Rover Café. Eagle Club operates from Sunday through Thursday