On the final day of Nord 2017, Friday 7 July, there will be a market day. This is the troop’s chance to contribute with totally wild activities! – We are excited to see what crazy and fun activities they come up with! Program Director Aylin K. Gustavsen says.

Part of the preparation activities for Nord 2017 is to plan a totally wild activity for the market day. All Guides/Scouts will be given local Nord 2017 currency on this day. The currency is called sol (‘sun’), and takes the form of wooden beads that you thread on a string. The beads will be plain wood, but maybe you can decorate your suns so they become worth more..? Then it is up to you to explore what the jamboree has to offer in terms of activities and other fun stuff. As the troop gradually makes “money” on their activity, they can further invest in it. If you’re up for an extra challenge, you can set a goal for how many visitors you want to come visit your activity, or you can just have fun.

All activities will take place on individual group’s campsite, but at the end of the day there will be a Quidditch tournament. It will be voluntary, but we hope for as many players as possible, of all ages and sizes, and a big audience to cheer them on. Therefore, the Programme Department urges all Scouts to dust off their brooms and join a totally wild Quidditch match. You can find the rules for the game on
Whether you’re a tradesman or a Harry Potter fan, or both, you can look forward to an epic Friday at Nord 2017!