Nord 2017 is not the first camp on Rønvikjordene (the Rønvik Fields) In 1964, the National Jamboree for the Norwegian Boy Scout Association was held in exactly the same place. Ola Gjendem from Molde was one of the participants back then.

– I was 14 years old back then, and we were the Moose patrol from 2. Molde, Ola says. He took multiple photos at that camp, which he kept and found while cleaning the basement. – In the middle photo here we see the patrol. In the foreground we see Lars Eirik Austvik, myself, and Petter Holst.

– Petter was a proper tradesman. One day the troop went to Bodø city centre, where we bought crates of soda at the Mineral Water Factory and dragged it back to camp. We sold the soda and left with more money than we had when we arrived!

– In the picture to the left, I’m standing next to one of the buses that probably transported us out for the patrol hike. It was a wonderful hike in Northern Norway’s glorious weather, Ola says.
– The hike is my favourite memory from the camp. We were dropped off by a ferry dock 20-30 kilometres north of Bodø. From there we walked over a mountain and from lake to lake.

The journey up is also something Ola remembers well:
– The train ride started in Åndalsnes. In Dombås we boarded the scout train. These trains going north were so full that the scouts slept everywhere on the train – including on the floor, in the seats and even on the luggage shelves!

– Here, in the picture to the right, you can see me wearing my grandfather’s hat. I was probably the only person at camp who had one of those. A lot of people from Bodø came to visit the camp, especially a lot of northern girls. With a bunch of sisters at home I wasn’t afraid of talking to girls. Here, they appear to flock around me!

– Overall, it was a very memorable camp, and it’s fun that the National Jamboree this year is in the exact same place! Ola ends. He is looking forward to visiting Nord 2017, 53 years after his own camp experience in Bodø.